Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping (12/2 - 12/8)

This was a decent week. I ended up being almost $8 over my $45/week goal, but I stocked up on a lot of meat and toilet paper, which are always good things to have stockpiled! I was also out of a few important things since I had a semi-no shopping week last week. Fortunately, a lot of my "needs" ended up being on sale, so there were only a couple of things I ened up paying more than I like to for (like hot dog buns, a staple in Ninja Hubz diet).


Charmin TP 5.99 - 1.00 MFC - 1.00 P&G eSaver = 3.99
2x Ritz @ 1.99 - 2x $1/1 MFC = 1.98*
2x Nestle cookie dough @ 2.00 - 2x 1.50 MFC = 1.00
Hamburger buns = 1.25
Yogurt = 2.00
Gum toothbrush @ 1.00 - $1/1 MFC = FREE

Total = 10.88

Perfect timing! I just finished off the last of my oats making granola bars, then lo and behold they were listed in the sale ad the next day! Hooray :)

Lettuce = 1.69
Cucumber = .79
3.5 lbs bulk rolled oats = 2.09 (on sale for .59/lb!!)
1 lb carrots = .50
Reusable bag credit = -.05

Total: 5.02

What can I say, I'm a sucker for cheap toilet paper!

Quilted Northern TP @4.29 - 1.00 MFC = 3.29 (Gave $1 RR)
Goody Ouchless hair bands = 2.00 (Gave $2 RR)

Total = 5.84
Received $3 in RR

Fresh and Easy

~6 lbs ground beef = 9.23 ($1.49/lb)

Total  9.23

I was trying to be nice and asked Ninja Hubz if there was anything special he wanted at the store (sometimes I forget to do that), and he said 'chips or something'. Miraculously, his favorite Doritos were on sale! I guess he was good this week because had good grocery karma :) Also, I think I'm up to around 10 bags of chocolate chips now... I plan on making some goodies for Christmas gifts, but I probably have enough and should stop buying them now :)

Padrinos Chips @ 2.50 - 1.00 MFC = 1.50
2x Nestle chocolate chips - 2x $1/1 MFC = 2.00
Doritos = 1.69
Nabisco Saltines 2.00 - $1/1 MFC = 1.00*
Flour tortillas = 2.39
4x Hefty freezer bags @ 4/$5 - 2x $1/2 MFC = 3.00
3x Cream Cheese @ .99 (wyb 5 Kraft) - $1/3 MFC = 1.97
2x Kraft Shreds @ 1.49 (wyb 5 Kraft) - $1/2 MFC = 1.98
18 eggs = 1.49 (store coupon)
Hot dog buns = 1.59
Bread = .99
3.74 lbs chicken breast = 6.62 (1.77/lb)

Total: 26.71

Weekly Total: 52.66

*These also can go towards this $10 Kraft rebate

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Menu Plan Monday - 12/7/09

Well I seem to be behind on my blog posts this week. What can I say? I've been busy... I don't know exactly why I feel so much busier than I usually am, but that's the way it goes.

Last week I ended up skipping the carnitas I had scheduled because we had some leftover turkey pot pie that needed to be eaten, so carnitas is back on for this week. I'm still on a mission to use up stuff that has been lurking in the freezer. I used a couple bags of frozen tomatoes in making a large vat of spaghetti sauce, so that was dinner on Sunday, plus four more servings went into the freezer. Seems a little pardoxical, since I'm attempting to USE frozen stuff, not make more, but its one step closer :)

Anyway, here's the menu!


Beef Enchiladas
Mexican Rice (extra rice put in freezer for Saturday)

Turkey Noodle Soup

Leftovers/Fend for Yourself

Meatloaf (from freezer)
Twice Baked Potatoes (from freezer)

Leftover meatloaf
Twice Baked Potatoes (from freezer)

Carnitas Tacos (from freezer)
Mexican Rice (from freezer)

Now that I've typed the whole thing out, I realize that almost the entire week consists of some form of ground beef and salad :) I told you I've been busy!

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