Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grocery Shopping Catch-Up

I've been derelict in posting my shopping trips this month. I will be back on track for the current week with pictures and and a full price break-down, but I wanted to do a quick "catch-up" for all the shopping I've done so far this month so I cant keep track of the totals.

I had one CRAZY overbudget week as you'll see below. This is entirely due to having my parents down for a visit for several days. My dad had a heart attack a while back and has consequently become VERY conscious about what he eats. I wanted to be able to provide meals that everyone could enjoy and would be ok for him to eat. So I ended up buying a lot of "special" items for him (no cholesterol butter spread, fat-free mayonnaise, egg substitute, etc) and a few other items for new "healthy" recipes I planned on trying out. So that week just quickly spiralled out of control.

9/30/09 - 10/06/09
This week I made two trips to Food for Less just to stock up on staples and get a head start for a few things I knew I would want for my parents' visit.

Weekly Total: 44.84

10/07/09 - 10/13/09
OK this was my last trip out before my parents came down to visit, and I ended up paying full price for a lot of things I normally wouldn't buy at all. I could have done a lot better if I'd planned for this a month or two ahead of time, but life happens. This week was GROSSLY overbudget, the worst I have ever done since I began couponing and being a Savings Ninja. Again, life happens. It was a special occasion so I'm not losing sleep over it. But it is certainly a good reminder of why we coupon and put so much effort into planning our purchases!

Ralph's: 33.98
Henry's: 7.88
Vons: 39.41
Walgreens: 10.59

Weekly Total: 91.86

10/14/09 - 10/20/09
This was my "back on the wagon" week. I managed to make up a little ground and stay about $10 under target!

Ralph's: 15.92
Vons: 14.54
Walgreens: 3.65

Weekly Total: 34.11


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