Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping (11/25 - 12/1)

So "officially", I took the week off from shopping. Unofficially of course, I had almost $13 left in my grocery budget for the month and $3 in RR set to expire today, so I did a little shopping anyway :) The day before Thanksgiving I realized the milk in the fridge had gone bad, and while I had some in the freezer, there was no way it would thaw in time to be used for cooking Thanksgiving dinner. So I sent Ninja Hubz out to grab a small thing of milk. Fortunately it was on sale and only cost $1. I knew we'd spend a couple bucks on fresh produce for the week (trip to Henry's), so that was another $5. I had a couple RR about to expire so I had to go to Walgreens, and managed to grab several stockpile worthy items and stay pretty much within my budget.

I've been doing the $45 per week grocery budget for a couple months now, and I'm quite sure we can eat well and live comfortably on that amount. The main issue I've been running into is just exercising self control when it comes to good deals. I just need to remember that the deals always come around again! Its just a matter of prioritizing immediate needs (like what we're going to eat this week) and padding the stockpile. Just because its a good deal doesn't mean I need to buy 10!

Anyway, here's the breakdown of what I did buy this week:

(no picture)

1 pint milk = 1.00

Total = 1.00


1.57 lbs oranges = 1.21
2.16 lbs bananas = 1.49
Romaine lettuce = 1.99
1 lb carrots = .50

Total = 5.19


2x Dawn dish soap @ .99 - 2x .25 MFC = 1.48
2x Folgers Coffee @ 2.50 - 2x 1.00 MFC = 3.00
Angel Soft TP = 4.00
Bigelow green tea = 1.79 (on clearance)
$3 RR from previous trip = -3.00

Total = 7.79

Weekly Total = 13.98

Total for the month = 201.77

My goal was $200 for the month, and even I'm not anal enough to obsess over 1.77. So as far as I'm concerned, I had a great month!

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