Sunday, November 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (11/29/09)

Well I think we're just about turkey-ed out. Seriously, we've been eating nothing but leftovers for lunch and dinner for three days now! So tonight's the last leftover night, and aside from the turkey I've stashed in the freezer for soup we're just about done with it.

So tonight I'm trying something I haven't done before and making a "Turkey Club Ceasar Salad". Which will basically be romaine lettuce, turkey meat, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, and creamy ceasar salad dressing (because I haven't had salad in days and want some).

The rest of the week is focused on trying to use stuff from the freezer that needs to get used - leftover pulled pork I made a few weeks ago, a whole chicken, some smoked sausage, and some of those Steamfresh lightly sauced pasta and veggies that I keep getting for $.50 a bag but haven't eaten yet so don't even know if they're any good (yet I keep buying them). I'm on the tail end of an almost no shopping week, so it should be interesting. I already know I need to bake some bread because we finished off what there was eating turkey sandwiches, but other than that we should be pretty set until my next shopping day on Thursday.

Turkey Club Ceasar Salad

Carnitas (Pork Tacos)
Mexican Rice

Crockpot Roast Sticky Chicken
Roasted potatoes and carrots

Leftovers/Fend for Yourself

French Fries

Friday (new recipe)
Sausage with Penne and Vegatables

BBQ Pulled pork sandwiches (from freezer)
French Fries

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The Halton Mom said...

Sounds yummy! Have a great week.

ToyLady said...

I do the same thing with salad sometimes - my husband is very much a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy, and every now and then, I have to put my foot down and tell him "that's it - we're having SALAD!"

Angela said...

Looks good! We, too are "turkeyed" out. My whole plan this week avoids turkey. I would have avoided all poultry this week, LOL, except that I also wanted to lighten things up since we'd had so many heavy sides. So I'm doing a couple chicken recipes but mostly fish or beef!

Happy week!

Debbie said...

It's time for Crock Pot Wednesday! Hope your Thanksgiving was super. I'm trying to finish up with the leftovers and use up from the freezer this week. Come on over!

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