Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping (7/22 - 7/28)

As I do every week, I carefully reviewed the weekly grocery ads, searched through my coupons, scoured the Internet, and carefully planned some great shopping deals. Then I got really busy doing other stuff and just didn't do most of the shopping. I'm a teeny bit bummed because there were actually some good deals last week, but honestly I just don't NEED much of anything. And you know what? The deals will come again. They always do. I'm probably overdue for a week or two off shopping. It is sooooo nice to have such a well stocked freezer and cupboards that you can just NOT shop and barely notice. I did have Ninja Hubz grab a loaf of bread at the convenience store, but that's the only "need" item I've had.

Here's the one trip I did make:


Kix cereal x4 - 4/$6 - 2x $1/2 MFC = 4.00
Arm & Hammer Laundrey Detergent x2 - 2.99 - 2x 1.00 MFC = 3.98
Whole Chicken x2 @ .59/lb = 5.42

Total: 13.92
Weekly Total: 13.92

Yup, that's it. I know last week I said I did NOT need anymore chickens, but I just couldn't pass up the .59/lb. And the laundry detergent was WAY too good a deal to miss, this is the only brand detergent I can use because Ninja Hubz has skin issues with many detergents, so I stick to what I know won't bother him.

Next week's ads look a little blah, so I may have a similar report. No worries though, I'm saving all kinds of money and still eating great!

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