Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping (7/8 - 7/14)

It was another week where I didn't see a whole lot that I found compelling in the ads, so I spent the majority of my weekly $50 at Food 4 Less stocking up on some basics. But at least this week I finally remembered to take some pictures!

Food 4 Less

I usually don't buy a lot of frozen dinner type stuff, but I do try and keep one or two meals worth on hand for "emergencies" - when for whatever reason my planned meal falls through or things just get crazy. Frozen pizza and the like may not be the healthiest meal, but it is still better and cheaper than take out! Still, I sometimes get pangs for junky fast food. I've been able to beat most cravings by making home made versions of pizza, mexican food, burgers, etc., but for whatever reason I have not had a lot of success making Chinese food. So, my compromise is to buy frozen orange chicken every once in a while. It is basically battered chicken nuggets with packets of sticky gooey sweet orange sauce, and it is actually just as good as the take out we used to get regularly. It is pretty inexpensive too, a bag with 3 meals worth is often on sale for $3. I mix it with rice and veggies and get a cheap, tasty, somewhat less than horrifically bad for you meal :) And, it can bail me out at dinner time if the need arises.

5 lb. bag of flour x2 = 3.76
Enchilada sauce x2 = 3.56
Tuna x4 = 1.56
Saltine crackers = .88
Cream of chicken soup x2 = 1.56
Cream of mushroom soup = .78
Canned diced tomatoes x2 = 1.36
32 oz Yogurt x2 = 3.76
Orange Chicken = 2.98
16 oz sliced ham x2 = 4.00
1 doz eggs = .69
Pretzels = 1.67
1.4 lbs nectarines = 1.09
1.4 lbs apples = .47
garlic = .98
2.5 lbs yellow onion = .63
wheat bread x2 = 1.18

Total: 33.49


Strawberris x2 = 1.54
1.6 lbs bulk brown rice = 1.12
2 lbs carrots = .99
Reusable bag credit = -.05

Total: 3.60


(Check out the Ninja Pup investigating the pepperoni!)

Gallon milk x2 = 3.98
Paper towels 1.25 - .25 MFC (doubled) = .75
3 lbs. frozen boneless skinless chicken breast = 5.07
Hormel Pepperoni 2.00 - .55 MFC (doubled up to $1) = 1.00
Hot Dogs 3.00 - FREE MFC = Free

Total: 10.90

Weekly Total: $47.99

I'm under budget and well stocked!

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