Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping (8/19 - 8/25)

This was a very light shopping week for several reasons. First of all, we have tons and tons of food already. I like having a good stockpile, but sometimes enough is enough! Second, I am going to be out of town traveling for work for a few days next week. Ninja Hubz will be on his own, but there's plenty of leftover turkey in the fridge and frozen pizzas.

The impending trip has me kind of stressed out - traveling for work is a big hassle. I feel torn between going shopping (because getting deals will take my mind off work and probably make me feel better), and skipping it (so I can use that time to prepare for the trip and then trying to do something fun). Shopping for emotional reasons is never a good idea, and I know that we just don't need any of the stuff I would buy. So, I think I'm better off staying home.

I did pick up a few things this week, unfortunately there's no pictures since my camera battery chose to die at the exact moment I got home.

Foodland IGA
This place is a little independent grocery store just up the street. Their prices on packaged goods are usually horrible (think convenience store), but sometimes they have great produce and meat prices, so I always look through the ads.

5 lb bag potatoes = .79
1.49 lbs onions = .88
1.28 lbs sweet potatoes = .88
1 lb baby carrots = .99
10 lbs chicken leg quarters = 5.80
4.96 lbs pork shoulder roast = 4.66

Total: 14.00

2 lbs carrots = .99
.07 lb bulk ground cumin = .42
2.19 lb bulk brown rice = 1.51

Total: 2.92

Weekly Total: 16.92

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