Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping (8/5 - 8/11)

Since I was a bit over my $50/week budget last week, I decided to see if I could make up for it this time around. So I'm skipping a couple of my normal stores - the deals at Vons are decent, but nothing that will make me cry if I miss it :) I have plenty of food in the kitchen already, so I'm pretty sure we won't starve. What I did buy this week was mostly produce, and also a lot of super cheap ground beef because I almost never find it priced this low.

1.49 lbs yellow onion = .75
.69 lbs bulk peanuts = 1.58
2 lbs carrots = .99
2.26 lbs grapes = 2.19
Avocado = .97

Total: 6.43

This week Ralph's sent out their quarterly rewards coupons. I got a $10 off certificate and some decent coupons. I didn't use the $10 off this week, because I was only getting a few items and my total was less than $10. It's good until October so I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunity.

3x Dannon Activia Yogurt @ 1.88 - 3x 1.00 MFC = 2.64
Lean Pockets @ 1.67 - .50 MFC (doubled to 1.00) = .67
Fresh Express Salad @ .99 - .50 MFC (doubled to .99) = FREE
6.75 lbs Cantaloupe @ .20/lb = 1.35
3x Bell Peppers @ .99 = 2.98
Healthy Ones lunch meat @ 1.69 - .55 MFC (doubled to 1.00) = .69

Total: 8.32

Fresh & Easy
I don't shop here regularly, but every once in a while they have a deal that I can't pass up.... $1.49/lb for 80/20 ground beef? I'll make a special trip for that! I spent the weekend making some easy freezer meals with all this.

6x 2 lbs ground beef @2.98 = 17.88

Total: 17.88

Weekly Total: 32.63

That puts me back on track with a 2-week total of 97.33 (hey, that leaves almost enough for another pack of ground beef.....! Just kidding)

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