Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crockpot Peppercorn Steak plus Baked Potatoes

The steak recipe can be found at the Year of Slow Cooking blog. This came out really good - Ninja Hubz was disappointed because I didn't make enough for leftovers.

What I did that isn't in the recipe was to make some crockpot baked potatoes to go along with the steak! After preparing everything and putting it in the crockpot as described in the recipe, I just grabbed two potatoes, washed them off really well, poked them a few times with a fork, wrapped in foil, and carefully laid them on top of the steaks. Seven hours later - voila! Steak and potatoes. So easy!

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Mumzie said...

Sounds good! Mumzie :)

Gina said...

Great idea for the potatoes...I'd have never come up with that and I'm definitely going to try it!

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